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HDD issues?

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Feb 2, 2005
ok so i decided to bring my hardrive to school and put it into the computer club's computer (which im in of course) and play some games during school ^.^ however when i came back home, i tried to put it back into my old computer and it doesnt boot into windows correctly any more. what happened, was that it would boot up and show the windows loading screen, then when it trys to get to the login screen, i just kinda, freezes... a black screen. so i sit there for like a minute and think WTF?!? so i turn it off and back on and try it again. the same thing happened! omfg! i dunno what to do anymore, i have some important things on there for school and dont want to wipe the harddrive. if it helps, here are my comps specs:

ASUS K8N-E Deluxe (754)
AMD 64 3400+ "newcastle" (754)
WD Raptor 34.7GB 10krpm
eVGA 6800 Ultra (AGP)
2GB (1 x 1GB) Corsair XMS Pro 3-3-3-8
Aspire 500W PSU (ya i know)

ok, i tested the bios to see if the hardrive was properly being detected, and it is! please somebody help!!!!


May 10, 2004
Crazyglue said:
yes, it booted just fine.
Because of differences in hardware the club computer may have messed with the drivers. Your computer is now confused about what hardware it should have.


1. Use F8 at boot to get to safe mode. Try to do a system restore.

2. Boot with Windows CD. Use the install option to just recopy files. This might repair the installation.

3. Put drive as slave in another computer. Copy off important files. Put drive back in your computer. Use Windows CD to reformat drive and reinstall Windows.


Feb 2, 2005
Thanks Mistered, ill give that a try, except ive already tryed to get into safe mode so lemme give it a try with the windows cd lol