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HDMI cables and 4k

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Aug 8, 2016
I have a 4K tv that I've been running off a Mac mini for a year now. However the mini was getting slow so I threw it on eBay and upgraded to an intel skull canyon. The Canyon comes with the intel i7-6770 CPU, 500GB ssd, and 32 GB of memory. For daily use as a HTPC it seems to be baller.

Anyway my receiver is an older Yamaha that has hdmi pass through but I'm using what I think are hdmi 1.4 cables. Were the limitations of hdmi (4k@24hz) based on the pc/receiver or do the cables have to be upgraded too? I buried those things in the wall and the LAST think I want to do is to stay cutting the wall open again to get in there.
could cut a small access port the size of an outlet and use a wire snake vs cutting a large portion of drywall. bit more annoying to do, but you aren't redoing your wall and paint. after you run the new wire, simply put a wall plate on, so future wires are just two screws away
Pretty sure you have to have 2.0 cables, as well as 2.0 ports on your computer, receiver, and TV. If even one of these is below 2.0, you'll be stuck at 24Hz for 4k. But most movies are recorded at 24FPS anyways. The only time you'd notice an issue is if the movie was something like the special edition of The Hobbit, or if you're streaming video that can be run at 60FPS.