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Headphones + speakers connected to pc

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Apr 10, 2010
I want my headphones + speakers connected to my pc, My speakers are 3.5mm audio plugged in. I know i can use a spillter and have both headphones and speakers plugged in. The problem is the sound gets cut like in half for example, my stereo wont go as loud with the splitter as it would if it was connected directly.

Is there any other ways to connect these to get full sounds?
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Disable and enable each as needed in Windows Sound?

I assume your headphones are USB?
No my headphones are not usb, they are the old school headphone and mic audio 3.5mm jack, so is my stero thats the problem lol
Front panel jacks dont work, they never worked since i built the pc, I figured i needed a sound card to make those work I have a onboard sound card..

Even if the jacks did work, The way the wires are set on my headphones, I couldnt plug the headphones in the front, then the mic jack wouldnt reach the rear.

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nevermind I found this little gem

All you need to do is plug in the connector on the case to the header on the board. You do NOT need a separate sound card for the front panel as it works off the onboard. Read your manual to see which header across the bottom of the board you need to use.

Why would you need to plug the headphone mic in the back? Your case has headphone and mic (3.5mm) jacks on the front..............
thought it was 2 audio jacks, never really messed with them to be honest, but now that you point me in the right direction, you probably saved me 5 bucks Im going to look into it right now. Thanks broham.

Something to remember: All cases have Microphone and Audio jacks on the front. If you look inside the case, you'll see a bunch of cables running from the front. One should say HD Audio. Plug that in to the corresponding port on your MB, and you're set. If you don't wanna have to disable whichever device not in use and re-enable it when you need it, you can get speakers that have a headphone jack on them.

On the topic of sound cards though, you would notice an improvement in quality if you're concerned about that. Also, it'd allow you listen to your mic without that awful delay ;)
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