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Heat probs...Please help if you can.

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Dec 21, 2000
Adelaide, AU
I have a PIII-FCPGA 850 on a msi 815epro Motherboard, and my cpu is at 42 degrees C IDLE..

I have totally ventilated my case, I am using a coolermaster heatsink with a 4600Rpm fan. I have include a diagram of my setup and temps, tell me what you think could be done to alleviate this problem.

I might have to change heatsinks...

Thankyou very much, Andrew
I would reverse the two rear fans to exausht fans It is better to have more exauhst than intake. Also I would check you heat sink and make sure it is mounted properly and use some good thermal goop like arctic silver.
Does this MB use the thermal diode within the cpu, or a thermistor underneath? If the thermistor underneath your readings are not necessarily out of line. With good thermal conduction to the heatsink, the chip die will actually be cooler than the air trapped under the socket. If the heatsink feels warm to the touch that's good- it's working. If it is cool to the touch with those readings, you don't have good thermal contact between the heatsink and the chip die... Or too much thermal grease- you want a VERY thin layer, no more than a few molecules thick.
You can leave the side of the case open and put a floor fan next to it it should help a lot