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Heat Question:

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Mar 16, 2001
I beleive I have an good cpu but its running a little hot I think. Anybody have some really cheep, cooling fixes???
Here's my specs...

Iwill KA266-R
1 Ghz Athlon Tbird @ 1.33 (10 X 133)
Samsung 2100 DDR (only work in slot three for some reason)

Idle temp 48, Full load after 12 hours 54
Vcore 1.70
CPU Fan Speed 5454

I haven't had a single blue screen or a single post issue. Seems very stable but i'd be more comfortable if it would peek under 50.
I opened up the side of the case and ran some temps.

Idle 45
Load 52

Not much but a start i guess...
yeah could be your case cooling man. Try taking off the cover. If you see a big jump in temps then it's probably poor airflow in your case. Get a fan or two in there. I hope this helps.

Clock on

if your using a regular h/s and fan you should at least get a better fan , i got a delta black label fan and the temps dropped 6c at idle and load.i was running @ 51c doing folding at home and now its at 40 running folding @home and surfing.i also got a 80 mm panaflo system fan.the delta runs 7000 rpm and is a little noisiybut worth the trade.
Two suggestions:

1. Better HSF (already been suggested). What are you using right now?

2. Register 52 hack. Read about it here.

The reg 52 hack did wonders for me and it's relatively safe - you're not modding your actual BIOS - just the BIOS shadow that goes into memory when Windows loads. (The bootstrap loader copies the BIOS into memory upon bootup and Windows handles BIOS system calls and interrupts from that section of memory, not the actual BIOS chip). I didn't feel comfy running my system past 866-ish MHz until I applied that - it lowered my idle CPU temps and stabilized them a bit - they dont change as much now.

I am sorry, I am an idiot. Reg 52 hack will not work on that mobo. Forgive me... I kinda forget that not everyone runs a KT133 variant mobo. I'll leave that Reg 52 info up for the reference of others, though.

***************END UPDATE********************

The HSF combo i'm using is a kwi that is supposedly enough for 1.4ghz but i highly doubt it with the results i'm getting. Today i added a bunch of non-electricaly conductive thermal grease and that got the cpu down another 3C. What about rain? is that similar to the reg32hack??
You should get good case cooling. Here's a suggestion: get a 80mm or bigger for the front bottom of the case as an intake, Get another 80mm or even a slightly smaller will do behind the CPU in the back of the case as an exhaust, then get a fan to exhaust out the top of the case. This will all require a few case mods but I did mine that way and used a nibbling tool from Radio Shack<$10> for the mods. Very precise and easy to do. That should do ya for case cooling. It will go in the bottom where the front fan is, then the rear fan will exhaust the hot CPU air and the top fan will cover all the trapped air about mid to upper the case. I get no more then 30C on my chipset at full loads. Try it, it just may be the answer.
Also, i'm not sure if my cpu is axia or not. All i know is that i've had it post @ 1.5 Ghz no prob with just a fsb change. I can't change the multiplier so i'm guessing the cpu is locked. But my DDR is 2100.. ARRRRGGG FSB crisis. I might just bite the bullet and buy a 1.2 or higher. What about duct systems, do they help very much with heat? I just don't want to burn out my cpu @ 1.33 cause that is a 33% increase in spead with just air cooling. I've run @ 1.2 solid and there is minimal temp increase. 39C idle, 45 load. Just wondering if, in you guys' experiences', that my situation with the heat and cpu is ok to keep running @ 1.33 or if i should bump down for the time being.