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Heat sensor for CPU

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Apr 2, 2002
Hi, I am doing a science fair project on overclocking. Using direct water cooling I have gotten a Pentium 90 to 233 MHz. It has run for days without any problems, but in order to validate my results I need some type of quanitative data. I was wondering whether or not somebody made a heat sensor that can be placed under the CPU or something like that. Thanks for your help.
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Second--What kind of quantative data are you looking for, it was kind of sketchy in your description. Are you looking to see if watercooling your CPU brought the temperature down, or just if it helped overclock? I'm not sure if a motherboard that old would have a temperature sensor on it or not.
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temp probe

A compu-nurse is what you're looking for... I'm not sure where exactly you'd stick the probe on an old cpu for a good reading though. They run $15. Probably find it at an online vendor like newegg.com or hardcorecooling.com

Radioshack might aslo have it or something similar.