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Heat Sink

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Frost Byte

Jun 22, 2001
I bought a 1.33Ghz T-Bird...I plan to do some overclocking so i want a new heatsink. I have heard that the OCZ Gladiator is the best but i also have heard about the Glacier. What is the best affordable copper heat shink out there and where can i get it?

first, the glacier is not a very good hs. the Glaciator is a very good hs.

best place to buy, check out www.crazypc.com

they have the Gladiator for a decent price.
The current best 3 coolers are probabally the OCZ Gladiator, Thermalright sk6 and the glaciator which is not easy to get hold of. I don't list any swifttechs because they use really, REALLY loud fans and are way too pricey, I would sooner go for water cooling than pay that much.
Which brings me to my next point, it may be worth considering water cooling, buy your self an average £20-25 heatsink that will cope with 1.3-1.4ghz for now and build your self a water cooling rig. For the pump you can go to a pet store, for the radiator a scrap yard (heater cores from cars) and the tubing can also be bought from a pet store. Then get your self a good copper water block and your away. Then you can settle for a couple of quiet fans for case and psu cooling and another couple for the heater core.
I think air cooling is reaching it's limits, at the moment around 35-40cfm is being needed to be thrown at the cpu heatsink, this is just too loud and it is showing the limitations of forced convection cooling, Good copper heatsinks are costing a lot of money due to the amount of research put into them and the cost to produce and it's obvious that we have reached the peek of air cooling.