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Heat Surge Tech Question

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Jan 5, 2001
I have noticed the massive initial heatsurge when booting into winblows 98. MBM5 shows initial temp on my 800 (when not overclocked) reaching 38C and then dropping back down to 26C on a cool day, roughly 30C on average day (FL). Now when I overclock say to 900 the initial heat surge shows 46C dropping down to 30C to 33C. I do believe this initial heatsurge is preventing me from getting this chip over 1ghz. What happens is I can boot to winblows 98 fine at stock 800 with no delays. At 900 the wait hourglass comes on for about a minute then it will boot fully into winblows. At 950 up It can take up to 2 or more minutes to succesfully boot and the intiial temp is around 49 but will eventually drop back down to about 30C at idle. It just will not push past that. I know AMD uses some sort of cooling program similar to rain or waterfall since the temp falls off once winblows stablizes. When tinkering around in the bios the true temp actually shows in the pc health section. Anyone know of a trick or tip to help push this initial heatsurge down, or am I doomed to wait for my waterblock to arrive :)
Current system: Abit KT7 raid, 800mhz thunderchicken, and an alpha pep66t......
AFAIK, this surge is inescapable. Athlon's and offspring seem to take a very long time to boot into Win when they are OC'd. What's worse, if you use a free ISP, logging on can take a loong time. This puts the heat to your CPU, big time. The beauty in your sitch is that AMD's Athlon family withstand heat far better than PIIIE's. H2O cooling will be nice!