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Heat XP vs ME

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Jan 25, 2002
I have noticed with my dual boot, that my CPU runs alot hotter w/WimME than XP, has anyone else noticed this.. we are talking by 3 to 4 degrees celcius..
might just be a software miss-reading ... are you using multiple monitoring software dections?

or, ME is running your CPU hotter :-} (I don't like WinME much myself)
ME has to be about the worst windows ever, i can leave my system on for weeks at a time with XP and with ME you have that all too familiar blue screen of death.
Hmm i'm not so sure about that, and i doubt it, but i know the NT kernel based operating systems have lower and more efficient resource consumption which could be why.
Tebore said:
Don't all NT kernal operating systems have built-in software cooling? I heard that some where.

That's right. They have an auto self cooler like you guys use thos proggies.
where did you guys hear about this 'kernel software cooling' with MS server products?

just curious, I have never heard of such a thing and I could not find it on their site.

maybe a hidden/un-doc'd feature? I would want to write some code and exploit it! :-D

it uses whats called the halt instruction built into all cpus
when not being used,it just cycles power through it without doing work and hence cooling it down

works great if you dont fold or run seti
oh ok, kinda like the old power.exe for dos.

although I still can not find any docs stating that it is built into NY kernels.

I am running Windows 98SE and XP Pro on the same system...it appears that it does run cooler while on XP, but like mentioned above, it could be the software. XP is "supposed to" use the hardware much more efficiently than other OS's.
well i woulnd't go as far as to say other operating systems, but i would say its much more efficient than say anything on the win9x kernel
hey, i like my 9x kernel. aside from pointer.exe crashing every so often, and the occasional random lockups, and it's memory leaks all over, and it's non-existent security and...etc etc etc

oh. um allwell. yea. lol
Thanks for the info guys, was just curious if anyone else had noticed this.. I only have ME on there as a dual boot, cuase I can't find my 98SE disk.. still looking... =)
I only Use XP, ME is there for test various things only..