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Ok I have a basic setup
an athlon 1.4gig running on an abit kt7a-raid board
with a geforce 2 gts
using at100 drives etc
with 4way interleave and forced 4x agp

I am not overclocking and have not modified anything yet....
but I am using a fop32 Yuk

thing is i have temps of 55°C to 60°C on the cpu and the gpu is so hot that i cant touch it, I have a burn mark to prove it...

I need to know what to do to reduce the heat in the system, have all sides of the case off and fans into the cpu area,
I have asked before about what type of hsf to use on the cpu ( sk-6 etc) but cant seem to find a uk supplier,
the geforce is still stock, what do i need to do to reduce heat in that and what the hell can i do about the cpu, before it melts,
already the thing has started to get area's from the core,
I dont want to damage it but I cant seem to cool it with my current setup,

Pls help Kev
I've never changed the HSF on a Video card, but I've seen a couple of articles on the front page describing it today. I have found that proper fan placement with the case closed will be better than an open case. You need to have a 92mm or larger fan in the front bottom drawing air into the case, and a 92mm fan at the top rear blowing hot air out. That's just for starters.

A glaciator would be a good HSF for your CPU. I'd try to get one of those as they are all copper and will transfer heat more efficiently than an aluminum model.

Watercooling is an excellent solution. I took the plunge and have had excellent results.
been looking at watercooling but not got it sorted yet,
also been looking for a glaciator? but cant seem to find a uk supplier.
will continue looking as i have heard they are fairly good
anything has got to be better than the fop32 i have
have just got some 92mm fans today so will be placing them into the case shortly,

Well I would start by makeing sure that you have good airflow in and out of your case. When I started OCing 3months ago that is the first thing that I needed to take care of then get a good HSF unit on your CPU and use AS2
as long as you have good air flow and a good HSF you should be able to push your CPU.
Just remeber that if the room temp is 80-85deg you will have a hard time keeping things cool.
Hope this helps out