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New Member
Jul 20, 2001
is it possable the the asus a7133 mobo is reporting the heat wrong ?
with the asus probe my cpu is at 46c idle so I played Unreal tournament for about 30min heat only reported to 48c

very stable !! so it's got to be reporting the heat way to high !!!
I mean playing UT for 30min should over heat if I was having a heating problem
updated setup
asus a7/133
amd 1.33 ghz
taisol cgk760092 Ultra with a dap of Artic silver delta 80mm fan ;)
pc133 cl2 256mb
80mm front case fan
slot fan cooler taking air out

so what do you peeps think ?
I have heard roumors about the ASUS probe reading out the wrong temperature, but I haven't seen any evidence of it. I would try it myself as I have an ASUS board, but I don't have the nescessary measuring equipment. According to the roumors the ASUS probe reads temps 7-10 degrees to high. If anyone can do a decent test about this I would realy apreciate it as it would help me in making overclocking decissions. :D
Asus is known for off readings, for example
my p3v4x says 45c in MBM and 56c in sisoft sandra and if I reboot the bios say 50c and room temp is 26c.

The best thing to do is to get a temp sonsor that you can put next to your CPU.
[Oc]acaridans (Jul 26, 2001 04:58 p.m.):
The best thing to do is to get a temp sonsor that you can put next to your CPU.

ok but were in gods name would I get that beast ? plus would it give true reading

like i said seems stable I'v had it running for 3 hours played UT for 30min & it's still at 48c room temp is 70f
playing a movie now temp is not changing
so I'm guessing the temp is off by 7 to 10 degree's like the rumors
wonder what else i couple try on this thats use's alot of cpu time so I can see after half hour if the temp is still 48c or how stable it will stay