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Heater Core recommandation

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Apr 19, 2001
I'm looking for the smallest (reasontable priced too) heater core. So far, I found the best on is from the Chevrolet 80's Chevette for $16.99 from Autozone. It's copper & it's 6"x6"x2" in size.

Any other suggestions? Smaller is better for me & I prefer 1/2in inlets.

kay, I'll bite...you're talking about for a computer?? (I don't know anything about water cooling)
Have you tried looking at any import cars..ie hyundai, toyota, nissan, honda, any small 4 bangers?
wow that core sounds awsome Im going to jockos tomorrow and get a price. I dont have a local autozone (well there is a few but there all about 40 miles away) I tried to order one online and it was 8 bucks shipping. If jockos cant match their price Ill go pick one up.

If you have any more info on this product send me an email.

There are actually 3+ Autozone stores near where I live. I'm won't have time to check it out untill later this week. I'll let you know or please let me know what you found if you got there 1st.

Compu Wife, thanks for the info. Btw, have you try the translation service at Altavista.com? It translates Chinese-English.

I looked up a heater core for the Geo Metro and found that it was listed as having 1/2" inlets and outlets. I don't know if it's all copper though, may have brass tanks. Hope this helps. Mark
I dont know what the deal is but I just tried to order a core from an autozone and they wanted 26.99 for the same core they had online for 16.99
My local Autozone wants $27.99 + tax for it. It will end up over $30 out of the door. So much for that.

I'll get my 4x4" radiator from Cool Computer for $30.
I bought mine from a local auto wreckers for $15(canadian money, so that's like $8USD), it's got 5/8" inlet/outlet, and is 10"x7"x2", copper as well. There's nothing wrong with buying a not-so-new heater core as long as you clean it(and get guaranteed that it won't leak)