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Heater Core search - need some assistance

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Mar 8, 2003
Heater Core search - need some assistance (mod, plz delete)

I've been looking for a good heater core that is copper and can fit a 120mm shrouded fan. I read that 89 camaro and chevette cores are good because they're made of copper, but I purchased a 89 camaro heater core and it was made entirely of brass. I don't know if I purchased an A/C vesrion because I wasn't specific with the Autozone employee, which didn't seem too happy when I asked him if he could search through the back for a certain style heater core.

Can anyone suggest an excellent heater core, made entirely out of copper, with no kinks in the inlet and outlet. The 89 camaro heater core that I purchased, with the intention of modding, didn't appeal to me as much because of all the work required. So can anyone help me?

Type of heater core:
Copper heater core with straight inlet and outlet (I can trim them down if they are very long)
Dimension constraints:
8"H x 7"L x 2"W
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Jun 9, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
What do you mean by "kinks"? Getting a heater core that's all copper is pretty much luck of the draw on what any particular place has in stock. As for the "kinks", if they're waht I'm thinking you're trying to describe, they're called "flares", and pretty much all heatercores have them on the inlets and outlets. A $5 pipe cutter takes care of them pretty easy.