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Heatercore in water?

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Sep 1, 2002
Im trying to run a fanless water cooling system. I have a large heatercore that fills up a 5gallon bucket i have. Would the water be able to cool the heatercore or would I be better off just running a fishtank?
Better off with out the rad. Its just one more thing that is going to slow the convection, and increase temps.
have the heatercore halfway out of the water, have your tubing go through it but have it rigged so you can pour water over the fins and the airflow created from that should help. Probably more effecient sort of like a bong but with a heatercore in the vent~pvc tube or as in this case, a bucket. That would be interesting though.
5 gallons DOES heat up. I have 5 gallons and the temps go from 36c for the first 30 min or so to 50c after about 8hours where it equalizes. By the end, the water is like a bathtub. (it registers at 95f)
why run completely fanless? is this a challenge or bet? Low RPM fans are virtually silent and will help cooling greatly.
The reason some people would like to have the heatercore in the water is so that that 5 gallons of water can be in the open, and untreated, allowing you to just treat the small amount of water being pumped.
My house is a sauna- its usually at around 85F. But the water is cool to the touch when the machine hasnt been running for a while- so its definetly heating the water. Im only cooling the cpu- but its at 1.9v and is running 500mhz over stock- so it is putting our a lot of heat. Both of those temps are full load.
why not just use the rad with 2 low rpm fans one blowing in and the other out then hook it all up with the 5 gall reservior thats what i do and my water never get hot. Cuss im using a 5 gallong bucket also i used to have a bong setup but gave up on that.
how quiet can a 120mm fan be? Im trying to get my system really quiet. My loudest thing on my comp is my cpu fan @ 2400rpm barely 30db