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heatercore or what??

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Feb 22, 2002
http://www.leufkentechnologies.com/watercooling.shtml look at the bottom of the page......says its the best......just curious what u guys think.....btw whats a standard heatercore (the one 120mm fan version that i would buy at like pep boyz or western auto) rated for heat wise, like this rad says 600w
I bought a heater core for an 87 chevette. This is almost a perfect fit for a 120mm fan although you will probably still want to have some sort of a shroud.
None of the big name stores had one in my area, but I found it at a local auto store. The stocking date on it was from 92 and it had a bunch of dust on the box. :) Price was 23$ or around there. I also needed to solder fittings onto the pipes.
Autozone and PartsAmerica had the heater core listed on their websites as available for shipping. http://www.autozone.com/ and http://www.partsamerica.com
guess maybe u didnt understand my question.....is that picture of a heatercore thats just painted?? trying to decided if i just wanna get my own and make it myself or just buy one with a shroud and be done with it....probably just gona do it myself so i can paint the sides black...and put my nice elbow 1/2 fittings on with some jb weld

oh btw how do i go about joing the oc folding team?
Sorry. Yeah. I did misread the question. It looks almost identical to my heatercore except for the placement of the fittings although while searching I saw heater cores that looked very much like that. Heater cores perform so well that if it is then their claim is probably not too far off. In fact, according to this article http://www.overclockers.com/articles481/index05.asp the big momma heater core was capable of around 2000btu's heat dissipation which is close to 600W/hr. The chevette heater core may be smaller and was chosen because of it's size although it seems to be doing the job.

As for joining the folding team You need to download the client at http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html
When you configure it use the name that you want and the team is 32. The rest of the configuration depends on your system although most people are safe leaving the rest of it alone. If you have any more questions about Folding you should find a lot of help in the Folding Forum.
The chevette heater core can be had for $17 @ autozone.com.

Heater core: $17
fittings $3
jbweld $3
total $23

I reccomend a solder that melts at a low temp. I think I saw some copper paste at Lowes in a tube that melts with just a lighter. That might hold better than the JBweld. I HAVE used JB weld in the past with much succes, though. I think that solder would look nicer.