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heatsink crisis!

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New Member
May 16, 2001

i have an asus socket 370 motherboard. in shipment, one of the plastic pegs (on motherboard) that holds the heatsink in place *sheered off*.

i noticed there are the other, larger pegs to also attach the heatsink. does anyone know where i can get a type of bracket that would utilize them?

thanks in advance!

I broke one also on a previous Socket A board and first tried super gluing it (cyanoacrylase). I was smart enough to pound the !@#$ out of the case before I applied power and I'm glad I did. It let go. I then roughed up the surface and used JB Weld. I repeated the test and it held just fine. Shortly afterwards, I wound up going with an HSF that used the 4 holes in the motherboard, so the fix was a moot point. God, I hate those spring clips. I don't know if Socket 370 boards have those same holes, but consider using a heatsink that employs them, or get the Taisol CGK-760092 HSF. It uses all three lugs on each side of the ziff socket. You can get JB Weld at just about any hardware store. It's basically a two part epoxy compound, but a bit more tough than plain epoxy glue. Good Luck with the fix.

the socket 370 spec does not have the four holes near the socket. It would be nice, but granted, they don't need heatsinks that are quite as big as the durons/athlons need.