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Heatsink help, please.

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Oct 24, 2002
Alright. I've been testing my cpu's temperature lately. From what I've seen I'm getting as high as low sixties at full load (Shuttle ak31 2.0 mobo reading). And I Idle between 44 and 50 (Depending on room temp mainly.) I've got a vantec CCK-6035D, with a YStech 26cfm on it. The heatsinks lapped mirrored (very mirrored). And although I'm currently putting more air circulation into my case, (case temps get as high as 42)... I doubt that will be enough, and I am looking at a few options. I'd like some opinions and suggestions please. Im really trying to decide between SLK800, and SK-7. Would there be any reason besides price to choose the sk-7? Is there anything better than both of those of which I am unaware? (No water. I'm not comfortable putting a tank of water into a box I drive around every other weekend, and I don't think I wan't to spend as much as a water system would cost anyway.)
Also, what fans would you recommend? I'm fine with the YS-tech 26cfm's noise, and I suppose I wouldn't mind a little bit louder, (of course the quieter the better,) but I could not stand the delta 38, I took it out within a week of installing it. So the fan would have to be less offensive than that. The main one I've looked at is the (edit) 'Panaflo' High output (32db, ~40cfm). Would that be enough cfm to really drop my temps or would I just be wasting 60$ buying a badass heatsink to strap a weak little fan onto?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
I'd like to if I can get my temps low enough to consider it.
well the slk-800 is the best, but expensive.
people are getting great temps with the ax-7 and smartfan-II, so thats what i recommend. (i dont really know about the sk-7)
The Smartfan-II is loud, but you can adjust the speed to whatever you like, so that wont be a problem.

if your not going to really push your cpu though, look at something cheaper like the volcano7 or the 7+ (which both come with fans)

im getting great results with my volcano7 and thats with a 22dba fan( check rig 1 in my sig)
What do you use? An adapter for the fan or can the volcano 7 somehow be rigged to take a 92?
i did it old-skool!

its just held on with one screw! works great lol

seriously though, even with the standard fan that comes with it i was getting 40-41c idle and 46-47c load
K, Thanks... I'll put it on my list of heatsinks to compair.
* nods. *

Alright... Do you know if the Smartfan is safe to run off a header? Or if I will need an adapter.
Thanks again. I was looking at it at heatsink factory and I didnt see mention of the adapter so I wondered. Im off for now. Gotta grab a meal then some sleep. Sooo Tired.
If you want a Smart Fan II, don't get the SLK-800 or the other way around. They do not perform well together. Each is good by itself, but together they really su** (see sig? I've got them both). The SLK-800 is a fantastic heat sink and the fan is really great with its included manual control rheostat thingy. Just don't pair 'em together. Temps are fine in really cold room with cover off and small room fan blowing into the case, mid to high 20Cs, but with case on, they go up. If you've got thte money, get teh SLK-800, a vantec fan and a rheobus to turn that sucker down when it isn't needed, 'cause it's loud.

Does the smartfan operate by a dial, or does it have settings? (high low med and such) Also, Around how much CFm can it put out around 35 or 36 dBA?
It's got a dial that gives you your choice of rpm from around 1800(?) to somewhere around 5300. I couldn't tell you how much air it moves at what sound level, but lots of air is moved at full setting, however that=loud as he**.