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Heatsink, how do I secure a small heat sink to a chip?

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Apr 9, 2001
I have found myself a bag full of small heat sinks and thought i would put a couple on some of my hotter chips, on my ASUS A7V133.
Tried to find a double sided tape, that was also a thermal type but no luck

Any suggestions?????????
Artic silver thermal epoxy thinned out with artic silver 2 paste. That will hold it on there but not so hard you cant get it off there later.
DON'T use the arctic silver epoxy. I used it to attach a water block to the northbridge. Came time to switch mobos, and was trying to gingerly get the waterblock off, i ripped the northbridge off the mobo. Use like four drops of superglue on the corners of the chip and some other thermal goop in the center. That will hold it on and allow you to get it off.
i use dunno's method. bit of arctic silver and superglue drops on the corners: it's always worked really well for me. i've got ramsinks on my geforce ddr and a small hsf on my clock generator that way.
it's called epoxy because it's the strongest stuff on earth!

Super glue "gel" is what I like. Doesn't act like water.....more like tooth paste. (southern people named it......otherwise it'd be teeth paste) "sorry couldn't resist"

Superglue "gel" is easy to cut away with a razor or exacto knife. Even if you freeze it, the epoxy is hard to get to break.
Thanks for the replies,
I am going to opt for the "super glue" since i can get that eassier, as well as the artic silver 2.
I dont have any real hard heat issues, just a bag full of heat sinks and a modding fettish.