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Heatsink question need help!

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toxik co2

Dec 17, 2002
Akron, OH
Well it's time I got rid of my water cooling :( I'm going back to air beacuse of college here soon and i need money and a smiplier computer tehehe. I run a 2100+ at 11.5x210 at 1.95v currently. I was wonder is the SLK-800/700 hopefully going to give me a below 40C load temp w/ a TT Smart Fan on top of this. All suggestions for heatsink/fan comobos.

I'm trying to keep it quiet as possible so no Tornados :p

Thanks guys!


Once Bitten, Twice Shy
May 20, 2003
You're probably not going to see that. I'm having a hard time keeping this computer under 50C under load with 1.85V, especially with ambient temps rising...(it stays around 50C otherwise). It's a [email protected], 1.85V, SLK-800 w/92mm Tornado.


May 16, 2003
get an slk900, they keep te temps down, i have an jiuhb running at 11.5*200 with temps neva going higher then 37, on idle and heavy load, i have a 92mm ystec running at 3100 rpm...