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heatsink questions for Asus P3V4X

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Senior Member
May 11, 2001
ok this is what ive got
PIII700@935 on a Asus P3V4X
im running a golden orb right now its working but not well, so its gota go!! im looking into a Alpha P3125 for now <<(water cool/peltier in the works)>> but i dont know if it will fit on the mobo.....has anyone had this setup, or can anyone sudgest any other heatsink/fan combos
I have a P3V4X running a 600 o/c to 800. It will go as high as 966 but is unstable. I use it in my business so speed is not critical as stability. Anyway, my h/s is the P3125. I never runs over 30C. Normal idle is around 22C. Hope this helps.
klosters64a, my bad about forgetting that, its a slot 1...
kbee1, your board has 4 ram slots right? does the P3125 interfer with the ram slots at all?or does it sit above them? ive hit 981MHz at 140FSB but cant run anything graphic intense or it will lock, my goal is 1GHz+ if i can get to 150FSB.
I have a P3 550@770 and the P3V4X....I use a fop32...I have a golden orb, but I've read so many bad things about it that I decided it would be for a vid card instead...
The fop32 seems to work just dandy - my system's pretty stable. (touch wood)