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Heatsink supports?

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New Member
Jul 16, 2001
G'Day all!

I recently finished another system. This one is a Iwill KK-266 w/1.2 TB(266) and a Glaciator HSF.

As this is a large and heavy heatsink that attached with a clip I was wondering if anyone had figured out a mod that would hold or add support to this board.

I am using a modified Full server case (Big Tower) and have plenty of room. Not much headroom from the board to the power supply but enough room to rig something. As I typically have to move my case a couple of feet to open it up every few days to tweak on it I don't ever want to see that big mother come off and go crashing through all the PCI and AGP cards. That would seriously suck! So...

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some secondary support in case the clip fails and maybe to relieve some pressure off of the board? After spending some very limited time pondering this the only thoughts so far was maybe simply looping some wire or using a zip tie to the power supply frame to act as a backup... problem with this would be altering the airflow charecteristics of the HSF.

Any other ideas?

Thank you all!

Take care,

I share your concern about the frightening weight of the Millennium Glaciator. Thanks for reminding me about the "safety tether" concept. I surely will NOT use a Glaciator without a safety strap, at least!

Have a look at yesterday's(July 17) Front Page. The article titled "Easy Mounting for heatsinks..." is well worth a read.