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heatsinks for video card

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Senior Member
Jun 16, 2001
most people make them out of old cpu heatsinks and cut them up to fit using a dremel or a hacksaw....youc an buy them at online computers stores such as www.svcompucycle.com and www.newegg.com or at your locacl computer store (not big chains like Best Buy though)....................


Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001

I've made 'em out of old heatsinks purchased at my local Goodwill computer center... lots of used stuff to be had there for cheap. Radioshack sells an inexpensive type of heatsink that's just the right size for video ram, although it's not quite as good as something bigger.


Feb 1, 2002
Orlando FL
Either pull some heatsinks off an old mobo, or head over to radio shack and buy some.

The ones Radio shack have come with four fins though, so you will need to modify them but they worked for me when I had my Gf2.


I'm a little teapot Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
Checkhttp://www.allelectronics.com , they have some good deals on heatsinks. Check the heatsinks section for plain heatsinks, great to cut up for ram, and they have a great GPU sink in the fans section, this on here:

And the prices a great too. The one here with the pic is $4.50, and they have a 3' by 3' heatsink that looks about 1' thick for $1.75 Good prices on fans too. Panaflow 120 mm for $ 6.50, and lots of 80mm's in the 2-3 dollar range.