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HEEEEELP QUICK!!! AMD XP 2500+ 333Mhz and (PC2700 or PC3200)!

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Mar 1, 2003
Dallas, Texas
Don't have time to waste because I got a good deal on some ram!!! So, first off sorry to all of you who have posted anwsers to my questions...

Here is my questiom:

I am planning to purchase the XP 2500+ with 333Mhz fsb. I am also wanting to buy (1) 512 stick of ddr ram. Should I buy the PC2700 because it runs at the same 333Mhz that the cpu will run at or should i go with the PC3200? What be be the advantage over the other if any? I have purchased the NF7-S ver2.0 if this helps. Basicly, I'm just asking should the Mhz on my ram be the same or more than my CPU fsb because I have heard that what ever the lowest MHz your system is running will determine what your total system will run on (fsb that is...). I do want to overclock if this changes anyones response. Thanx 2 every 1!


Way Too Jealous Member
Dec 13, 2002
Southern California
if your only two choices are 2700(166fsb) or 3200(200fsb) get the 3200, if you are ordering online you will want to look into the 3500(217fsb). you want to keep the ram at the same speed as the chip so the higher the ram is guarenteed the better off you will be. and the abit nf2 board is a good choice although the nf2 ultra chipset should be out very soon with a guarenteed 200mhz fsb


polka dot ninja
Dec 23, 2002
Doylestown, PA
I would get the 3200 if those are your only two options.

If you are planning to overclock, the pc2700 will not take you very far with your FSB oc. This is a problem, because the FSB controls the bus on which everything speaks, and therefore if you can raise it dramatically you will get better overall system performance. The pc3200 will get you to 200 FSB guaranteed (or at least it should) so I would purchase that. If you want to look around on the internet, I'm sure you can find some good pc3500 for around $80 a 256MB stick, and if you get two of those, you will be utilizing the dual channel support for your memory and gaining as much as 20% better memory performance. These are all things to think about, but if you want to go with the deal that you have found, I would suggest buying the pc3200 over the pc2700 any day. :)