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Hehe, ripped out an old window A/C unit

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Jan 6, 2001
Newville, PA
I tore it apart today and it is sitting here in the computer room, I have to build a nice enclosure for it and a watertank to submerge the evaporator in to cool the water in the tank then I will plumb my water pump to pull from this tank and still use the cooling cube to cool the water a little before getting dumped back into the tank for a never ending viscious cycle :) Should work out pretty good, I might end up getting a better thermostat for it so I can have a little better control over the water temp. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is insulating everything. I ran it for a while here in the room without a fan to help cool the condenser and had frost on the evaporator, should get the cpu temp down pretty good. I was going to get a pelt but I am having a hard time finding a power supply that will handle the voltage with the amperage. Besides this A/C unit is free. Just have to buy the materials to make the enclosure and water tank. Anyone have any ideas on what to make a water tank out of that will just barely fit a radiator 3" thick, 12" tall, and 18" long?
Thats what I was thinking about. Since the radiator for the evaporator is aluminum I'm going to make the tank big enough to fit the radiator and some coiled copper tubing that way the waterblock will still get the distilled water and the tank will get a tap water and glycol mix.