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Super Shark Moderator
Aug 13, 2001
Deep Blue Sea (Maryland)
hheehehee......FINALLY...........after 1/2 year's tough fight w/ Harvey............:D :D :D :D

i have to save a screen shot of this as i know it's gonna be very "short life"!! :p
I guess he's going to plug in the stock pile of boards I've been hearing about ;)

C'mon you two: get in there and mix it up for Crunching Supremacy!

at least until your bank accounts are empty and you need additions to house your crunchers!

Congrats on the pass Landshark, and also to hallen:D
Been very fun to watch this race.....they have been into each others throats for so long, that anyone can win in the end :D

Have both a :beer: on me!!!!!
A real nail-biter! I see you're in the lead again now Gary! Congrats to both of you! ;)

edit: actually it's a dead heat on SETI@work! ;)
It's been great Gary. Dueling back and forth hides how quickly we've narrowed the gap between us and the Top 1000 list.

I'm still looking around for another supplier of $50. AGOIA WEEK 0213 XP 1600+'s. Last time I ordered, GameVE had 26 in inventory and I thought, why not buy them all:D, but thought better of it.

Happy crunching

I figured out a way to increase the teams output by 1500 per week for no out of pocket dinero. We take full responsibility for pushing Benz's output.

Way to go guys, you're really crankin' now!