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Apr 24, 2001
Lawrence, KS
I have a 317 GPH pump and need a good height for a bong cooler. Built a prototype and the flow rate was a drip, so would like some figures so I dont have to use trial and err. Thank you
The pump didn't include a datasheet with a graph of head height v. flow rate? You might want to check the manufacturer's website to see if you can't find a spec there.
A lot of the "value" pumps don't deliver their promised flow rate, even with no head, some don't deliver their promised flow rate at the claimed maximum head, some deliver less than their promised flow rate for a given head and the rare few deliver as promised. Any pump that does not specify at what head it delivers what flow, is immediately suspect. Also, even on a flat grade, a long run of tubing exerts resistance to flow as a function of the drag of the water over the inside surface.