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Hello! Question about water and Peltiers...

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Mar 13, 2002
Sacramento, CA
Ive been doing some research on doing a water\peltier cooling solution for my PC. However all of the setups I have seen put the Peltier directly on the CPU, and then the water block on top of that. My initial idea was to just have the water block on the cpu, and then have the peltier cool the water elsewhere. Any of you guys seen this type of setup? Would it be wise to set it up that way?

Thanks in advance!!!
It might work, although I rather doubt if it would work significantly better than a good radiator would. Plus, there's then the fact that you have to get rid of all the heat the Peltier puts off. So you would still have to rig some sort of additional cooling for doing that, so there's another water cooling system or a HSF with a killer fan. I assume you're going to have a high powered Peltier to do any good, so that's a lot of waste heat.

In other words, it's probably not worth it. You'll get colder temps by putting the Pelt directly onto the CPU and then using the water to suck the waste heat away. Think of it as the difference between running tap water over ice to cool it off and just holding the ice directly.
Jackal_49 welcome to overclockers.com

I would suggest first water cooling and then add a peltier later on. Peltiers are a lot of fun but also a lot of hassle. I am about to use a 220 watt peltier on my Athlon XP so I can try for 2 GHz. I havn't got it running yet but I also have a 2 GHz Northwood P4 I would like to hit 3 GHz with. The P4 will get a 156 watt peltier running off a 500 watt Antec PSU.