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HELP! 3DMark 2001 = 1234

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Feb 12, 2001
Miami, FL
I need some serious guidance here... I'm running Win2K, 12.90 nVidia drivers, 1024x768 32bit, HDD UDMA mode, and 4XAGP (i think) = standard settings without any Mods/OC'ing. Can someone please help me get this score to a more realistic number? From my setup, I should be well into 4000, right? Something(s) seems to be terribly wrong and I have no clue what it could be. This is depressing, cuz I just put this system together and I couldn't wait to run this test along with SANDRA 2001, now I wanna throw this thing out the window! My previous PIII 600 with TNT2 Ultra and U-66 HDD posted better scores! Where do I start looking? I will eventually OC the video card, but OC'ing the CPU/FSB will have to wait for a better HSF... Please help guys!
do you have the latest drivers for your agp chipset? this was the problem with my setup, and the reason that I had really low scores with my GF3... I am not familiar with the Iwill board, but I will look it up and see if I can find anything... by the time I do that though I'm sure somebody else will have solved your problem, but I'll do my best...

i had the same problem when I first set up my system, and it drove me nuts, so i know where you're coming from on this one... :)
True. Have you fiddled with the settings in 3DMark? Switching on all the features can slow you down big time (stuff like anti-aliasing especially)

There must be something like that, my PIII 600 can post 1950 running at 1024*768@32bit, and I can squeeze 2500 out of it by turning the resolution and colour down to the bare minimum
Is this with 3Dmark2k1 or with all games etc.? My first idea would be to check the BIOS for any setting like "video RAM cacheable" and like. This particular setting should be disabled.
ya somthing is way wrong because I can break 2000 with my celeron 566@700 with a geforce1 256
Eli, I downloaded some update for AMD AGP support called miniport v5.22 for Win2K. I was reading elsewhere that I need to instll the latest 4in1's, but I'm confused about the IDE Bus Master drivers vs. MS ATAPI drivers or something of that nature - I can't recall what that whole thing was about, but people were saying that the 4in1 Bus Master drivers weren't good. I'll try the latest 4in1's and the AGP thing as well. Stay tuned...

What settings should my BIOS have enabled/disabled in terms of video performance? How do I know if I'm running at 4x or 2x AGP???
guppie (Aug 01, 2001 12:21 p.m.):
What settings should my BIOS have enabled/disabled in terms of video performance? How do I know if I'm running at 4x or 2x AGP???

Sisoft Sandra and Motherboard Monitor can tell you what speed the AGP is running.

***Have you tried posting to the AMD Motherboard thread since this may actually be your problem. I never owned/used AMD chips, so I can be of no use.