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Help a greenhorn?

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New Member
Oct 23, 2002
midwest usa
I'm new at this so a couple questions are in order. Ive got a new kt3 ultra 2 board and a xp2000 coming an wonder if this a little oc able? Also is 300 watt power supply needed and if so will pretty much any brand fly or should I be picky? thanx much for any help.:D


Apr 6, 2001
The indications are that the xp2000 is not a great oc'er and most of the info in the AMD procs section indicates that owners are a bit frustrated about this fact. The 2000 is at the top of the tree and is to be expected.
With ref to the psu - 300W is too light for any combo like this. You must have a psu giving 200W on the 5&3.3V lines. You will find these ratings quoted on the case of any reputable psu. If you cannot find the info, don't buy it. In general you'll find that most psu's > 400W will give this. This is what you are looking for from the psu.