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help about a 300w power supply for peltier

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I have an 86 w peltier, it was on a 300w psu. the psu ran the pelt, 2 80mm sunon fans, a cdrw drive, and a 16x dvd drive. on the +12v line it only had 10A. Well I blew it's fuze, (luckily nothing else). (had my computer shut-down if temps got too high) so i saved my p3 700e at 1085mhz. My question is I am thinking of getting an HEC 300w psu that will have 15A on the +12v line. Will that be enough to run all the things listed above? Or should I just power the peltier with it?
(my other psu is a 300w with 12A on the +12v line.) that powers everything else in my computer.
I was real happy with the pelt, the lowest temp it got was -10c but i have a pic of it at -9c. it always stayed at under 10c under extreme full load too.
check it out..
I think you would be better off getting a single output voltage switching supply. They have them in amazingly small form factors. I would think a +15V at 20A switcher would do the job and fit in the space you would ordinarily use for a standard PC PSU, or less.
Not certain if they are as competitively priced as PC PSUs since they are sold in much lower volumes.

grab me some info on those things. I hope they are about the same size of a regular psu, b/c i hacked into my case for the 2nd one
eh i think i'm gonna stay with a standard 300w atx psu, i mean i already have the hole