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Help/Advice on a watercooling build

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Sorry to necro the thread but I have a few new questions.

I was thinking about getting a chiller (probably a Hailea HC-500A). But from what I've read chillers can be noisy. I'm thinking it would be nice to have for overclocking, but for normal activities (basically everything but benchmarking) I'd rather continue using my radiators which are pretty quiet and more than sufficient most of the time.

I'm currently not planning on using the chiller to push my liquid temps low enough that it would cause condensation. Mostly because I don't want to empty the case again to insulate everything. Maybe with future upgrades I'd try that but not in the short short term (famous last words).

Anyway, if I went htis route does anyone know of a way to basically completely bypass part of the loop but then easily "opt-in" to it on demand? I guess I'm basically looking for a 3-way valve - like a ball valve with 1 input and 2 outputs where water comes in through the input and then exits through 1 of the outputs, with a handle or knob to choose which output to use. This way I could have the chiller setup near the PC, but then use this 3-way valve thing to control whether water goes through the radiators or goes through the chiller.

Alternatively I could just have it in the loop all the time but turned off (or set to a higher-than-ambient temp) when I don't need it. But I've read that it's counter productive to run chilled water through radiators since they'd end up essentially heating the liquid if it's below room temp.

Thanks in advance and let me know if you'd prefer i make a new thread for this.
Hi i have a chiller and bypass chiller when not overclocking and just use normal radiators . Remember to put switch to turn fans off radiator if you have chilled water going through . Or you just heating the chilled water . I use quick disconect Yes im in more of a mess than normal as selling stuff lol
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Oh ps yes it is noisy ok for overclocking though


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Can coolant freeze if the pump is circulating it and I let room temp drop below freezing? Asking for a friend…
these are chillers are only chillers though temp water goes to about 3c . But even modded to go below 0c I've seen -20 and more with water temp they used antifreeze or alchohol mix without it you could have problems with freezing. Depends on temp of water
Low temp windshield washer fluid is the best if you're running your chiller below 0C. Automotive antifreeze is much thicker & IMO keeps the pump from circulating at its full potential.
I dont know about it being a sludge.... but antifreeze is slightly more viscous than windshield washer fluid which makes the latter is easier on the pump.