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help, ahhhh!

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Dec 13, 2001
help, with 8KHA+ and ata133 drives

caN Anyone get udma mode 5 to work with the 8kha+ with the 2116 or HAL bioses? i dont wanna use the new one, i want cas 2 and 4-way interleave with the 2116
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Yes...and it took nothing more than plugging in a ATA 100 HD to do it!

I have read that sometimes WinXP will force a lower UDMA.if it gets too many errors.

The fix is to "Remove" the primary IDE channel.., then the secondary, then the Main Controller ...(in the "MANAGE" hardware area.

Reboot and it will detect "New Hardware"...install the drivers and let ATA 100 work again..

If it happens to back down again you have problems somewhere in the system..
heh, nevermind. u just need to manually set primary0 to ata-100 in the bios. meanwhile, the new beta bios in my sig rocks! no more 145fsb 2T command restores and such. it fully supports ata-133 drives and i got some better scores and some more fsb