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Help Athlon 900 running at 67oC With 3 fans and thermal paste

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Senior Member
Jun 12, 2001
Dorchester UK
Is there a problem with the temperature sensor on a Gigabyte 7ZX mb. Have tried everything and am getting little worried having seen other temperatures. Have two exhaust fans blowing onto heatsink and fan and fan drawing cool air into case. No I'm not over clocking yet!
what hsf are you using, and what paste are using. We need more info, those temps are too hot, you need to power down your system before you can figure something out or else you are running very close to having a dead cpu. even if the thermistor is 10C off, your temps are way too high.
I feel really stupid, have just gone out and bought an 8cm*7cm*8cm Thermal Total Solution hsf. The heatsink was about 3 times the size of my old Cooler Master and the fan about the same. Got a little bit of Silmore thermal paste and fired my cooker up at 945Mz (not much I know but I'ts a start). It ran at 38 C without load and running Seti for an hour 45.9 C. That is with one of my internal fans removed to make room for the new hsf.
The crazy thing is I have been running my processor for nearly a year without checking the temperature. To make it worse the 67 C was without full CPU load. I'm suprised it's lasted this long!