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Help, bd7 booting

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Apr 1, 2002
I just got a bd7 non raid.
1.8 nothy. running at 2400 134 fsb so far with coper waer block/bong. 34c/43 c
I just updated to the beta bios that alows 1.85v 7br i think.
I am still having probs booting.
took me 5 trys this morning. if it boots it goes to black screen with little moving blue thing then grafx carupt a bit and it reboots or locks on its own .or it just doesnt boot.anyways i reseated my leadtek ti4600 and it booted fine.
I noticed i had the number 26 when it locked or didnt boot on the number led thing.
Is this the dreaded cold boot problem ?
on a lighter note my memory seems to rock at 745 on my leadtek ti4600, havnt tried higher yet. I had a volt mod on it also but i took it off.I fear what i would have had it running at if i left it volted !!!



Mar 28, 2001
Stokesdale, North Carolina
You should do a search here for boot problems or cold boot problems. In short Abit is having problems with the BL7 and BD7 booting, especially when oc'ed. So you got a bum board. Don't feel bad I got one to.

Mike Lamb


Mar 25, 2002
If I'm correct then I think I may know what is causing all the problems with the BD7 boards as compared to Abits SD7 board. Abit decided that they were going to be cheap with their BD7 and put a Realtek clock on the bloard rather than using an ICS clock which is what they usually use. I'm waiting on the spec sheet right now. I've also found one other oddity which I am waiting to hear back from Abit on which has to do with one of the voltages. Seems that there is another voltage detected by Sandra which is labled AUX voltage. This I beleave to be the VDIMM voltage. This would be a problem if it weren't for the fact the voltage indicator reads way off from what should be for VDIMM voltage. What should be seen is anywhere from 2.5-2.8v but the AUX voltage showing up on the BD7 shows 4.08v. This is nit good. I have felt my DDR when even running at 133/266 or default of 166/333 and it's temp feels real warm no matter what speed it is at. Even now with it at 198mhz it's temp still feels quite warm but the same as when it's at 133/266. If the board is pumping out to high a VDIMM voltage then it can cause major problems and even memory failure. This is where I think the detection error of 26 is jumping in at cold boot. I hope to know more later this week on both issues.