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HELP bios checksum error

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Dec 18, 2000
south wales uk
anyone any ideas why I get the above error when I restart the beast after it has been clocked from 667 to 830. (cellery 2 667) If I switch it off and on again it boots up ok, runs the usual games and stuff no problem. I am running it in an ABIT BFS and the core voltage is at 1.75 dont want to go any further until I sort out this problem any help would be nice
Two things are possibly going on here. First you have this thing running on an 83mhz bus, which means the PCI bus is running overclocked as well. It is well known by overclockers that the 83mhz bus speed is not stable due to the bus speed. This is the main reason to go to the 100mhz bus, the speed of the PCI bus drops back to 33mhz, and the AGP bus at 66mhz providing you with stability. Second, could be a lack of voltage, but I would venture to say it is the bus speed.