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Help, Can't get a POST w/ K7M and Athlon 600

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Jan 3, 2001
So I steeped in it this time and need some help. I decided to be a nice guy and build my girlfriend's sister (she's in high school) a nice "new" computer out of the spare parts I had laying around.
Asus K7M Rev 1.04
Athlon Classic Slot A 600Mhz
2x128mb PC100 SDRAM (one is PNY, other is Mushkin)
Diammond FireGL 1000Pro
Soundblaster AWE 64
Intel PCI 10/100 Ethernet Card (she'll head to college in another year)
Seagate ST34311A (ATA66)
250Watt ATX generic PS
Crappy Case
Northwind GFD
Notice the Northwind GFD. I have the Athlon de-cased and put a couple of heatsinks on the Cache chips and slapped on an Intel Retail Heatsink fan (i got lots of these around) on the core with some Artic Silver. (Actually used zip ties and snugged everything up nice.

So I went to put the thing together outside the case to make sure everything worked. Everything was fine. I could clock it up to 750 w/o a problem. So then I went to put it in the case and discoever that the stupid old pos power supply fan sat on the side of the PS. Wierd. I got out the dremel and did some work on it and the case so I could get everythi gto fit right.

When I put everything back together, NO POST!!! Crap, I checked everything. I pulled everything but the Athlon, Ram, and video card. Still nothing. I got a new PS because I thought I fried the old one after modding it. No post. The drives power up fine. I don't think power is the issue.

If the monitor is on without being connect to the video card, it is a bright white screen. I connect it and turn on the computer, the monitor looks like it is about to turn on, then it goes black and no post. I've tried this thing with another monitor and same results. DOn't think it is the crappy monitor.

Any ideas?? I'm stuck on this one. I just pulled the video card and slapped it in one of my computers and it worked fine.... crap, I was hoping that the video card was the problem... So I guess that leaves possible problems as:
1) Athlon
2) RAM
3) K7M

Crap, am I missing something? Did I fry something with the old crappy powersupply? I am so sad

Also, when I upped the voltage with the GFD or booted w/o the Athlon, I would error beeps, so does this mean that anything is actually working? Please help!!!
did you check for extra standoffs under Mobo I had one when i put my K7M together back when --- it shorted and kept the thing from coming on, can't remember where it was one of the corners i think....