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help choose case fans

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New Member
Jan 17, 2020
i'm looking for 2x120mm case fans or 2x140mm but with 120mm mounting hole as intake for my cm mb511 case.
i was looking at the scythe kaze flex 120mm 1200rpm and be quiet pure wings 2(both for around 8-10$) and don't know what to chose. i'd really want them to be silent up to 1000-1200rpm and not have that annoying bearing noise
i have as exhaust a bq sw3 and it is very silent up to 1200rpm but it's a pretty expensive fan
can i get something better for the 10$ price range? please no arctic f12/14 fans recommendations, had them and they are loud and make an annoying bearing sound
If you have room, a 140mm fan with 120mm screw-holes works just fine. A 120mm fan only covers 74% of a 120mm square. In general, 140mm fans are quieter.
Generally speaking, anything in the $10 range will not be quiet and if it is, it's because it's not pushing much air.
I think the closest you will get to good performance/noise ratio at around your price are the Noctua NF-P12 redux-1300 PWM.