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help! cpu speed is not the real one

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New Member
Jul 1, 2001
Hi, my name is Daniel, i m a thinkpad 600E owner. I m new to
linux, I just installed redhat 7.2, but i notice that it s running very
slow. When i check the processor speed in the system information it says 93 Mhz. here, the contents of the /proc/cpuinfo for my ibm thinkpad 600E

procesor: 0
vendor_id: Genuine intel
cpu family: 6
model: 6
model name: Mobile Pentium II
stepping: 10
cpu Mhz: 92.669
cache size: 256 KB
fdiv_bug: no
hlt_bug: no
f00f_bug: no
coma_bug: no
fpu: yes
fpu_excepcion: yes
cpu_id level: 2
wp: yes
flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx 8 sepn mtrr pge mca cmov pat p
se36 mmx fxsr
bogomips: 401.76

Any help in this issue i`ll apreciated.

Thank`s in advance
What kind of power management does this thing have? When you boot up, are you running from batteries or are you plugged into the wall? How are you booting to Linux, using loadlin from dos perhaps?

If you are running Win98 or something first, and then soft reboot into Linux, that might be it.
A lot of times with laptops if you run the laptop with the battery only, it will lower the cpu speed to conserve battery power.

Try it plugged in an see what happens.
Speed stepping will cause you problems if not set up correctly. Make sure in the bios your posted boot speed is set to the max. I think that /proc/cpuinfo is reading the info wrong, a PII can't even be speed stepped to 93mhz. Is it running really slow or are you just wondering why linux thinks it's 93mhz?

Might want to recompile your kernel and enable intel speed stepping, cpu frequency scaling, and ACPI support.
Yeah, but it's pretty accurate for gauging CPU speed, XPs are 2xMhz, so 3617 is right for a 1806Mhz XP CPU. PII and PIII are 1(ish) x Mhz. Where you have fun with it is that K6-2s are 2x Mhz approx also, so you can bull your bud with the PIII 500 that your K6-2-333 is faster :D

Oh, WCPUID has been released for X that will give you the skinny.
Bogomips is just a measurement of how fast your cpu can do nothing. The bogo is for bogus.