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help finding a router

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Nov 9, 2015
k I got a netgear wndr4300 and I am getting very terrible coverage.. I tried everything from moving it higher, lower to floor, moving everything that can cause interfeerience.. so I figured a better antenna would work.. so I took it appart and seen on mobo these little pigtails running to 5 small ciruit boards about size of quarter. k I read mobo and said "ANT 5" and "ANT 2.4" I laughed cause I already knew that them was the antennas.. so I pulled them off and went on amazon and ordered 5 sma pigtails.. took me a min to find them cause I had no idea what the plugs on mobo that antennas where called.. and doing so I learned there where several different kinds so I made sure I ordered exactally what I needed.. then I ordered 5x dbi dipole antennas also. I drilled holes in the plastic housing and mounted the pigtails and screwed the antennas onto the pcb.. and right away noticed huge difference in coverage.. instead of loosing connection in my kitchen which is around 40 ft away. (my house is 24ft by 44ft single story and kitchen is in middle) router is placed in the one corner of house about waist high I am getting full bars.. but still on other side of house.. I am getting very poor signal to almost loosing connection. I checked make sure no interfierence of anything like wifi networks with wifi analyzer. and it sees absolutely no other networks nearby at all!! k so I done some more research and found this video
. I thought I already beefed my router as far as I could go but seeing this video about max tx power and eirp and dpm I done some research and found out my router has a tx power of approx. 15 to 20 dbm (don't yell if it is wrong! I didn't find much on my router!) .. hmm.. k so I looked up few other things and found out that is approx 250mw plus with my 9dbi antenna... not going be good! k and seeing some routers out there that is 500 750 850.. yea!! ok.. so basically I finally came to conclusion that I going need a router with a lot more radio than this one..

I live on a ~ 10 acre less than 15 square acre farm and want wifi coverage throughout. so I figured a 850mw with 6 or 8 dbi antenna would do but looking for a router to do this is my challenge..

can you guys help me find such router? my needs are at least 850mw radio or around... needs to be gigabit due to my home network and everything is gigabit.. and needs to have detachable antennas. don't haft to be dual band just haft to support b g n.. don't have nothing in ac yet but would be nice for futureproofing.

prefer something name brand like asus, Belkin, buffalo, tplink.. etc..

my specs on my netgear wndr4300 may be wrong but bear with me.. that is all I could find.. if you find I put wrong info down.. please correct me in this post so that others can acess this information .


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Jul 17, 2003
You're really looking to a commercial grade unit(s). They will cost.


This is a starting point as I don't know a lot about the commercial grade equipment.

Another avenue would be to buy consumer grade equipment. I like the 802.11 AC for the fact that a good unit will "beam-form" the signal and give you considerable distance over the older non beam-formed. The best one I've seen is the pricey (~$200) ASUS 68U or W. {One is black ond the other is white}. It has three detachable antennas.

Then you could buy AC wireless extenders or repeaters to place around the property as needed.


Jul 22, 2002
USMC.. OoRah!!
After reading your post, a wise choice may be signal repeaters. You can buy them on Amazon for fairly cheap. They plug into a electrical outlet and "boost" your signal so that all devices can get adequate coverage. I respect your willingness to mod the crap out of that router though :)