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help for a freind?

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Jan 8, 2002
freind has a nvidia tnt2 and is hort on cash so would it be worth it to get a geforce 2 for $50.00. he would use it for gaming.

I'll refer Shmuck's experience in this thread. He got an upgrade from the TNT2 32MB to a GF2 MX 200 64MB and now his eyes are only held in their sockets by his glasses. I think, based on that experience, I'd recommend the GF2 MX400 64MB for under $50 on pricewatch. I think it is a great solution for the budget-minded.
I'm with AarontheJC on this one. Go for an MX400... lookin at a 200% improvement or more ;) If you can find a regular GF2 for around $50... you should go with that though. Looking at another 25-50% improvement over that... depending on the rest of the system.
if he could spare about 10$ more he could go with a kyro II.
now that would be cool.
funnyperson1 said:
ill have to disagree with both of you, the Radeon LE is the best deal for 50$ it is almost twice as fast as the MX400 and if you have driver questions check out this thread to see how satisfied people are with the newest Ati drivers...


Ah and correct you are :D I'm using Nvidia so naturally I thought of just Nvidia products :D Like their the only manufactuar...

Yes... an ATI would actually give you more bang for the buck. Heck if you can hold out a little while longer prices on some of the other products (by both companies) will drop more. Perhaps you can meet one of those cards in the middle... while saving money... prices drop... before you know it... boom... you've got the money :D

7500's should come down more... heck they're only $100 right now... I think... but that would woop a GF2.
actually the cheapest 7500 ive seen ois around 75$ for 15$ more thats a LOT more bang for the buck..
I've used both ATI and Nvidia, myself. I had absolutely no problems at all with the MX400. I recommended the MX just because he said something about wanting a GF2. Either the Radeon or the GF2 would make a fine upgrade. Funneyperson and RainmaQer have it, though: if your friend can afford a $75 card, the 7500 is definately the way to go.