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Help for new Build

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Jun 25, 2010
I would like to build new gaming machine.
The current socket is LGA 1366.
What's the latest socket available i noticed 2011 v3 and 1151

So which motherboard would be the right selection Z270?
Assistance please for new Build

I would like to build new gaming machine.

What's the latest best suitable socket available and can lost longer?
Socket 1151 Z270 chipset motherboard, Intel 7600k or 7700k, 16 gb DDR4 3200 memory, Nvidia GTX 1080 video card, 650 watt EVGA Super Nova PSU, Noctua D15 air cooler, 500 gb Samsung Evo SSD, full tower case of your choosing with good ventilation.

What part of the world do you live in? Pricing and availability of particular components varies tremendously from one part of the world to another.

Do you have a budget?

What vendors are available to you where you live?
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Or AMD Ryzen 7 1700, 1800 X/ or not. Socket AM4 mobo, rest the same as trents. The chips perform around the same as intel's 2011 v3 processors which are premium prices($500-$1000)

These chips are BRAND NEW, so they are bound to get a bit faster as time and drivers fine tune them.

Team Red is really throwing some performance packing punches in the tech world these days.
What about the socket 1511? i can see intel release 7th Generation. is it better than LGA2011?
Z270 is for kabby lake chips

What will this system be used for , and what is your budget . The more info you give us the more we are able to help.
Caught and corrected a mistake I made in my first post. I said, "socket Z270" when I meant to say "socket 1151 Z270 chipset motherboard."

Yes, hussain. It is difficult to answer your question unless we know: 1. What will the build mainly be used for, 2. What is your budget, and 3. Where will you be buying parts from and what is available to you in your location.
i would like to use it for VR gaming machine. Also, to have Virtual machine to host my LAB and using Visual Studio
What is your budget? How much money are you willing to spend?

What kind of LAB is this? Will your LAB involve just one VM (Virtual Machine) or multiple VMs that might be running simultaneously? Virtual Machines suggest plenty of memory.

Virtual Reality gaming suggests plenty of horsepower both from the CPU and the GPU perspective. This is a little dated since Intel has now come out with Kaby Lake and AMD has now debuted Ryzen but it gives some direction: https://www.octopusrift.com/building-a-vr-pc/

For VM I would bump the RAM amount up to at least 16gb.
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i would like to use it for VR gaming machine. Also, to have Virtual machine to host my LAB and using Visual Studio

Then go with Ryzen 1700/x if you want more horsepower ofc 1800x they are great for such tasks
Ryzen would probably be the way to go for tasks that can take advantage of a lot of cores. No question about that. But early results indicate it still falls behind Intel in per core performance and so not as good for high end gaming on most titles since they tend to be able to use a max of four cores. That may change with optimizations by he game writers over time and with tweaks from AMD on the chips side.
My vote is still Ryzen 1700 or 1800. Possibly X series, if any real benefit is to be had from it.

Agree on the 16 gigs of ram for VM resources. I'd recommend 16 as a standard amount these days, the price difference between 8 and 16 isn't enough to not get 16, especially since programs are starting to utilize it.

The 8 cores may not currently be utilized to their potential, however, I STRONGLY believe this is going to change within the next two years, especially with the popularity of VR on the rise. Rendering to effectively two screens at high resolution is incredibly taxing, and What better way to handle it then by adding more threads to split the work up?

See http://venturebeat.com/2016/02/11/v...e-most-of-multi-core-cpus-for-vr-performance/ for some further insight, this one being focused a bit on the mobile vr department. But the same limitations and concepts apply to desktop pc's.
Sadly, for what he wanted to do, the prices are high...

Even my pc isn't fully ready for VR, and I've sunk around $2200 into it haha. Could have bought a car with that(Or at least a healthy down payment on one.)