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Help Formating

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Oct 30, 2002
BC, Canada
O.K. the problem is i stupidly installed win 95 (ugh i know its bad) on one hard drive (c:) and i have win XP on my other hard drive (d:)

Now i want to format both eventually but i was wondering..

If I format c: with win 95 on it can i still boot up in d: with win XP and copy all the info i want to save onto my C: drive and then format my D: drive after?

I would then switch my D: drive to my Primary and make my C: drive the slave and install windows on my 'new' c:\ drive

After all that one more question... Should i install Win 2k or Win XP? i'll be using my comp mostly for gaming so I'm wondering which would be a better for my gaming porposes

Thanks in advance
I guess you could do it, just make sure the boot loader is located on Drive D:, as if/when you format C: drive, you'll lose the bootloader, therefore the ability to boot into ANY of the OSes you have installed. To have the boot loader installed and all, put Drive D: as Master Drive, change drive C: to Slave, then boot up with the WinXP CD, go to Recovery Console, and type :

"fixboot" and
"fixmbr" (no quotes, just check the help menu to make sure that's what the commands are).

this will recreate a boot loader and rebuild the MBR. So after you're done with this, boot into Windows XP, go to Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and click on Computer Management. then, click on Disk Management. There, choose your Windows 95 drive/partition, right-click it, and select Format, or whatever you wanna do. After you,re done formatting, copy your files and all to the new partition/drive, then restart and either get a Win9x bootdisk to delete the WinXP partition and create a new one, or boot up with the Windows XP CD, and restart Setup from there, and deleting and recreating the partition on which you wanna install it (cuz I'm sure you wanna reinstall Windows XP, and not Windows 95 ;) :p :D)

Good luck, and Welcome to the Forums ! :D
Thanks. i'm planning in doing this in about 2 weeks tho. so i'll try it out adn if it doesn't work it won't matter too much. It's basically just music and stuiff like that.