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Help have a 1gig gateway need help???

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I think gateway uses a oem MSI (microstar) Athlon KT133 Motherboard, which everything is automaticly detected. You can go into the bios by pressing delete key imeditately at start up and check if there are options to select fsb and voltage in the bios or by jumpers in your motherboard manual.
The odds are that you have the MSI K7T OEM'ed for Gateway. If you do, you are **** out of luck for overclocking, unless you want to get into exotic soldering for voltage, and FSB settings on the mobo. They simply did not include any changeble settings for this board. However, if you want to have a stable board without a lot of addons, this is a good shot.
Note: If Quick Boot is enabled in the BIOS Setup utility, the monitor cannot warm up soon enough to see the power-on self-test (POST) screen. You must press the F1 key immediately upon starting the computer to enter the BIOS Setup utility.

This motherboard is totally autodetecting everything, so you diffinitely will not have a multipler/fsb/vcore selection for you to choose. You can only buy yourself a new motherboard for around $130 that is the most simple way or ask someone across the web if you can modified your athlon 1GHz 200MHz with a default 10X multipler to a higher one, say a 12X with those L Caches and also do a voltage modified with those pin from default 1.75V to 1.90V. This is a more challenging way for you to learn to be a true overclocker :)
Thx i will try the hard way first. I got in the bios and i am gona play with it a little tonight ...thx