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help... heat probs

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Mar 22, 2001
just bought my 1.2 t-bird (266) and i'm idle at 47c according to asus probe.


Enermax 350w Server Case (4 x 80mm + 120mm fans)
1.2Ghz 266 t-bird not OC (FOP38 with 80mm fan Mod)
AsusA7A 266 DDR
Crucial 256MB PC2100 DDR
Geforce II GTS Pro 64MB DDR
X-Gamer 5.1
Promise Raid Controller (Raid 0)
4 x 20GB 7200RPM Drives
Real Magic DVD Controller
Burner + DVD
and other irrelavent stuff

i don't even bother OCing because temps start to get too high. i live in an air conditioned environment so i know it is not room ambient that is the prob. i'm not using Artic Silver yet, just the cheap stuff for now... HS is not lapped as i'm not sure how to properly do it (not sure and please don't be rude). i know that the HS is on tight and up flat against the cpu. should i get a spacer to assure an ultra flat HS connectivity with the cpu. i'm here to learn and am open to any help from the experts. i'm not new to computers at all, but i'm a newbie when it comes to serious OCing and modding. thx in advance.

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I can not speak from experience, but many people have said that ASUS Probe reports temperatures as much as 10C higher than they actually are.

It has always struck me as odd that everyone seems to know this except ASUS. You'd think they could tweak their software a little better. Sheesh!

oh, and i am looking into watercooling and when i feel confident enough about it, i'm going to do it... my only concern with it at this point in time is pump failure (and leaks kind of although i think if i did it right i would have nothing to worry about)

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my concern is because when i did try OCing, my system locked up and asus probe was reading about 52 idle @ 1350
What is your PC room temp and what is the temp inside your case? They both impact CPU cooling, as you might expect. Try running with the cover off. If your temps improve significantly, you need to consider improving your case ventilation. They are all like links in a chain.

Your motherboard should have come with monitoring software that allows you to see your different voltages and the temperature of each sensor on your motherboard. Again, I must stress that I am not familiar with ASUS motherboards, but I assume they have a case temperature sensor, AKA system temperature.

To monitor case and motherboard temps, I went to Radio Shack and got two indoor/outdoor digital thermometers. The remote probes are used inside the case, one for ambient case temps, and the other taped to the rear of the mobo under the CPU socket. This gives me a reasonable base to figure everything out.
Did you know there was a second thermistor inside the readout for inside temperature? With all that wire they give you, you could have cut it in half and rewired the internal thermistor to a second run coming from the slide switch and used just one meter. My only beef with the R.S. meter is it updates only once every 10 seconds. A lot can go wrong in 10 seconds. ;D

-=sC(+)Pe=- (Jun 08, 2001 11:51 p.m.):
if you are talking about MB temp is says 33c

Then, with halt-on-idle you should be able to get that CPU to idle at around 35-37C. Hmmm... 47C-10C error=37C.

so if i'm cracking it up to 1350++ and it is reading 52, then it is actually about 42... is that safe?
hhhmm, won't go further... should look to see if there is a bios update... hope they give me dif multiplier options... cause right now pci is at 38 and next step is 39 (now 150/38 - next step 151/39)
Time to unlock the multiplier, if it is not already unlocked. Drop the FSB a step or two, up the multiplier as well as the core voltage a little bit and see what works. I try to balance my multiplier and FSB for the greatest overall speed. I can run 10x140 at 1.75vcore, 10x145 at 1.85vcore and 10x150 at 1.95vcore. Your temps will go up. When you think you have it as high as you want to go, run a CPU stressing program to verify total stability. Your temps will definitely go up then, but that's how you determine true stability and cooling efficiency.

do the 1.2 (266) chips come locked?? crap, should have checked before putting the HSF on.
managed to get 1383 after i put my delta fan back in... 80mm mod on fop38 obviously didn't work very well and asus probe is reporting 41c idle... check cpu and it does not look locked, however my bios is stuck at 9x multiplier and i don't have other choices which leaves me at 153/38fsb... will look for bios updates, but hope i'm not wasting my time