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HELP HELP,,,,, BAD BIOS ????????

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
PC 133 512 MEGS

I shut down rebooted pushed delete and got a blank screen with a curser in top left,checked manual, delete is the key to acess bios, so I shut down waited 1 minute rebooted pushed delete and got the black screen and the curser in top left.no **** what the hell is that any one have any ideas ???
WTF are you trying to say man? I'm not comprehending anything here. Is there some problem or what?
When I post I hit delete Insted of a bios screen I get a black screen with a curser in the top left corner.
You are *** wipes I post, describe what happens and 3 replys that complain I posted to much,Usually people want to know what someone did,before thay offer advice,you Three have no advice, but a mouth full of ****,swallow it and move on !!!
I think these boys are being very harsh on you.

Can't really help except tosay that the same thing happened to my friend after we had glued two fans to his mx card.On boot up it would go to this black screen with cursor top left but after about 30 secs it would carry on booting.This was after the POST.Try waiting.

Good Luck m8
did this happen after a bios update?? and if u wait and dont press del will it boot then?
This happened from the start on this new mother board,The computer runs fine except I am unable to acess bios,I havent flashed bios I set this boarb in my case straight from the box.But the answer is yes to will it boot.After boot which is very normal it runs perfect.

Can You tell me how to create a bootable disk from Win Me??I would like to try to flash the bios.
Creating a bootable disk should be pretty simple. Just put the disk in your drive and access it from My computer. The next part I am a little sketchy on because my motherboard is taking a dump and I don't have floppy access at the moment. I believe you can right click on your A: drive and select format. From that point it should ask you if you want to make the disk bootable.

Correct me if I am wrong here guys. I haven't formatted a floppy in forever. I'm not even putting one in my new machine. I'll just go with the zip drive.
dunno how too make a boot disk for winME!! but try using an win98 machine to make one. u dont have the win98 bootable cd then??? Then u could have just booted into dos and then flashed it
To make a bootable floppy under WinMe go to
control panel->add/remove programs and click on the 'startup disk' tab. Insert a floppy and click on the button. The rest is done by Windows.
If you try and format a disk by right clicking on its icon in My Computer, you get the dialog box, but only the choices are Full or Quick format. If u type 'format a: /s'
in a dos box, it gives you some crap about not being able to do it.
The WinMe disk installs SCSI and IDE\ATAPI CDROM drivers if u want; you are given a startup menu:
1.Help (all the drivers, and some guff on how to repair Me)
2. Boot w/CDROM supp. (the whole shabang; just doesn't bring up the help file)
3. Boot w/o CD supp. (as above, but no CDROM)
4. Minimal boot ( gives you sod all)