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Help I Am Going Bonkers

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Apr 28, 2002
ok it isnt that bad.
i like my pc fast and not to loud.
it isnt really fairly quite but my MSI geforce 4600 fan makes this appearing disappearing HIGH PITCHED sound. like sssssssssssssss (iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss(iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) sort of thing

anyway i had a creative geforce 4400 (which i busted) and it didnt make that horrible sound.
was think of buying a thermaltake geforce cooler!
but i remember reading that the MSI geforce fan is glued on the chip (not glue but thermal stuff). i also saw somewhere frosties geforce 4600 mod on my msi geforce 4 where he replaced the fan with a peltier design!
my questions is:
how do i get if off if it is glued on without braking the chip (is it glued on anyone)

is the thermaltake geforce 4 cooler fairly quite!
the MSI Card is not glued.. its just a layer of thermal paste that can be easily cleaned off... I have a ti4600 myself... personally I can't really hear how load the fan is cuz my 80mm delta made me go deaf....:rolleyes: :beer:
what do u guys think of this?

i am working on a silent system right now!
getting passive northbride cooler and got the flower copper cooler for athlon xp (core temp is 69C load and 47 surface).
i am replacing my fans in my case with quite ones and fan control and i am getting sound dampening stuff as well.
but the geforce man is loud and hot and is hard to make quite!!!
this is a new product but i cant find any reviews on it!