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HELP!! I can't play my favorit game anymore

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Apr 12, 2002
Over here!
HELP!! I can't play my favorite game anymore

Hi, I just bought a Maxtor 160GB 5400RPM hard drive. Since I have an old computer, I had to get a Highpoint ATA/133 controller card for my computer to recognize a hard drive greater then 128GB, plus I thought it would be a good performance increase from the ATA/66 CC I was using. I was Wrong

My computer has seen no performance increase, in Hard Drive read/write speeds. What's worse is, now, I can't play Tribes 2. It takes forever to Load the map, and whenever I fire or change weapons, or the game plays a new graphic or sound, the game freezes for about four seconds.

I have all the latest drivers and BIOS's. I have also ran several Sandra benchmarks, and my computers score is on par with everyone else's computer similar to mine.

I tried putting my ata66 card back in and did a reformat/reinstall and it worked fine. So it must be this new Highpoint CC. I would like to ditch it, but I also want to use my 160GB... Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D

My Computer specs are:
P3 600Mhz
815 chipset
60GB main hard drive
SB live sound card
linksys LAN
Hercules GeForce2 GTS Pro 64MB
Well, one sudgestion I can think of is to use both of the cards at the same time. Use the ata 66 card for the small drive and the ata 133 card for the new drive. If you dont have a second pci slot available sell the ata 66 card and drive and either stay content with the 160 gb drive or get a 40-60 gig drive if you require a second.
Looks like the PCI bus is struggling perhaps?

I would use the 160Gig for documents and windows itself, and install your game on the old drive that works OK.

The new controller could be grabbing a different IRQ than the old one, too.

Maybe try it in an alternate slot and see if things clear up a bit.
Thanks for the replies :)

I checked and the HP CC is the only hardware component using IRQ 5, and I still tried switching PCI slots with no luck.

I'm actually running three hard drives at the moment, 2*60's and 1*160. I use one 60GB for windows, the other 60GB for Gamez and Appz (-----EDITED----- You need to take a read of our rules real quick and see what we think about mentioning those types of things within the forums. It can earn you a very quick exit from them. Jon/Forum Moderator), and the 160 for Media.(Probably no reason to mention these either) :D :cool: :eek:

So the only option would be to use both ata66 & ata133. Seems like such a waste though - running a ata133 drive off of a 66 CC. oh well it well probably work better anyway.

Thanks again :)
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