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Help!! I killed my A7V

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Dec 26, 2000
Baton Rouge, LA
K, I did the voltage mod on my A7V about a month or so ago and everything was going great with my 700t-bird@875, but I got a new 1.1GHz t-bird, and it decides that it decides it doesn't really like the voltage mod (maybe the connection got compromised or something, I don't know)...plus, it didn't want to overclock at all :( and it was giving me stability problems

So I figure on just clipping the added 24kOhm resistor and using the normal A7V voltage...well, I didn't have any wire clippers on hand, so I decided to just use a pair of scissors (big mistake)--apparently my soldering job on one of the points was really sturdy (really really sturdy) and when I clipped the resistor, it jarred the SMC resistor it was attached to out of place (the one closest to the actual motherboard)...crap!--oh, and it broke in half too

Well, I didn't realize this until after I restarted my computer and got nothing but a few beebs of death. I don't think I fried the processor because the current was unable to run to it (I guess anyway, I'd like to think that my new processor still actually works)

Anyway, does anyone know where I can get a replacement SMD resistor for this board?
If you need a visual aid, check this out from tomshardware (the one that broke is circled on the bottom)

If I can't repair it, then I guess I'll have to get a new motherboard...
I was thinking either the A7V133 or KT7A--what do you guys think...

P.S. I'd like to try to fix this motherboard first
See if you can find out what kind of resister(s) you broke and get some new ones. If you did the voltage mod yourself then you probably won't have any trouble doing that... just make sure the area is clean before you do it. Unless it's under warrenty then that's about your only option. Well, maybe you could find someone who wouldn't mind fixing it themselves and sell it to them for a discount... some people buy that kinda thing just to buy it... who knows.

I doubt that the warrant from Asus covers a voltage modded board. Stuff like that is usually preceeded with a big 'Warning: This will void yout warranty" sign.
Ya, most of the technicians never do inspections. Try the warranty. If they find out what do u did, you don't have nothing to lose (you are already screwed anyway). ;-)
That SMD component is a 1nf Capacitor - I desoldered it entirely from the mobo while performing the volt mod, but as Deviant explained to me it's not actually essential, it just cleans the voltage (smooths it out). I never replaced it, I just bridged the gap where it was with solder , so the circuit was exactly the same just without the capacitor. I then did the volt mod as normal, soldering to the blob of solder where the SMD capacitor used to be. If yours is still in place but cracked it's useless - try removing it entirely, and then doing what I did - you could perhaps use a conductive pen to remake the connection rather than solder, and try it to see whether that works.
You should be able to get a replacement from www.mouser.com . Replacing this cap will increase the stability by filtering out high frequency hash.