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Help I need a translator

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You can't find an automated on translator for english-finnish. Lucky you, I'm online and finnish... I'll give you a very short translation.


Finnish oc'ers started tests with dryice & LN2 in y2k.

y2k autumn=better.
"Himan" tested duron700 with dryice. Later with LN2.

macci got 1g AXIA stable at 2016MHz.

Got an aluminium pot made by Turtana. Check pic.
There's also a coldplate.

The 1.3g AXIA was stable at 1.5g (PEP66T).

The shimm used was crappy. Lapped & straightened.

Couldn't get less than 10kg of dryice.
Lot's of air in the pot. Put some masinol (alcohol derivant) in it, freezes in -83C.

Got the dryice, broke a law by using a normal car for transportation.

Mobo=A7V133. Covered the capacitors with cellplastic. Applied compound, installed shimm, installed aluminum coldplate, installed dryicepot, installed clips, moved box to balcony.

Using safety precautions. Too much masinol first, uses way too much dryice.

1.5g at -8C. After a hour, only 10x161 (1610). No voltage mod. PSU=Fortron 300W.

Pot wasn't insulated, so condensation & almost immediate freezing. Snow in the pot. Reason: Bum coldplate.

Dissappointed. "Screw this, I'm going to spend thursday evening".

-Silver thermal paste can't take the cold.
-Don't use a coldplate.
-Not enough pressure with the clip.
-Don't touch the dryice with bare hands, except for very short periods.

Next page, next day.

Ditched the coldplate & changed silverpaste to siliconpaste and remodeled the clips.

Put the masinol first. Bad choice, it boiled.
Got -25.5C for core temp. Not good.

Got over 1.6g, 1.7g troublesome. 1695MHz highest stable (11x154).

More lessons:
-Leaving the coldplate: best idea so far.
-Silicon based paste ROCKS!
-Put the dryice first. Bonus: SMOKE-effect!

Day 3.

More pressure with the clips.
Got to -26C.
Ran out of dryice. Got to 1710MHz (10.5x163).
A7V could take FSB 166 (highest).

After tests:
Going to get copper pot, should make -50C.
Nice tests, but remember: you can wreak havoc in thyself & thy computer. No responsibility taken for anything.


I'll NEVER do that again for free.
Thanks :) The most difficult part for me was trying to figure out what language it was written in....