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SOLVED Help!!! I-Will KA-266R with 1200T-bird

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I just recently purchased my first Athlon Setup and decided to go DDR however I have run into problems. This is what i have:

1.2 GHZ Athlon T-Bird pretty sure its locked just dots on L1
I-Will KA266-R
Mushkin PC2100 128mb RAM w/ Hydaui Chips
Leadtek Geforce 32mb 256 DDR (bought last year)
IBM 75x 45 Gig HD ATA100
Acer CDRW 8x4x32x
48x CD-ROM
Also I have a Coolermaster DP5-6H51 Heatsink and fan for now

I am just looking to get it to work for now. When I turn it on the screen will not come up. It goes through checking the drives however no screen appears. Please help me. Anyone know what settings I should have for the jumpers? I just got the CPU today and its locked, I am pretty sure. Thank You
Make shure the fsb jumper is at 100 MHz. You may have to reset the bios with the jumper or pull the battery once. That's all on the board I can think of.

Good luck

I keep hearing this story over and over and over again about these friggin Iwill boards...I had the SAME problem with mobo #1, and #2 is on its way. Check to see that your memory stick is ALL THE WAY IN. Iwill memory slots are HARD, and even if you get both ends to latch COMPLETELY (which they MUST), the middle still won't be seated right sometimes. Clearing the bios works sometimes, but I had the problem, it would post, and run for a while, then crash, and when I tried to restart it, it would not post. And sometimes, it would not post at all period. And when it crashed, this renender the power switch inoperable. I had to turn off the power supply instead to get it to shut down. And you had to wait for quite sometime, before the system would post again. I know one thing, i'm not going to mess with this next board like I did the last one, if it don't work after getting it setup after a day or 2, that bastard is going back and i'm getting my money back, and I WILL NEVER buy another Iwill board AGAIN.

Just a side note: It seemed like the board would get "stuck" on something, and it would not post. That would occur after it crashed, and it never crashed in DOS mode, only in windows install, or in windows, and then finally it just would not post ever at all. Nothing, no beeps, no logo, just a blank screen. If it was a bad cpu, it would have made it to the logo of the mobo, and not any further, or given me a bad cpu warning. Oh well, hopes it works better this time around.
Well, I guess you guys are having lots of problems with this IWILL KA266R mobo. Maybe I shouldn't have recommended it at all. Or maybe I am the only lucky one with the only good performing Iwill board. Metaxas, I feel bad now after recommending this mobo and you go through all this trouble. Hope everything works out. My mobo never crashed (crashes sometimes when I overclock my FSB to 146) Other than that, this mobo is performing really well so far at 133FSB.
Oh, by the way, if your Power button doesn't function, just press and hold it for 4~5 seconds. The power will then go off. This is same for any mobo.
Anyways, good luck on your #2 board, and hope everything works out.
I would hold it in for 4 - 5 seconds...nothing. It's almost like the board gets "stuck" in cyber-space somewhere....its the damnedest problem i've ever seen. Oh well, heehee, hope number 2 works. ;D